My Love..My Life

"That's downright impossible!", I exclaimed. "She would never do such a thing", I told Jesse." You better believe it." Eve retorted from behind me. As I turned to meet her eyes, somehow, my heart told me it was the truth. I looked back at Jesse and I could see the hurt in his eyes, " Baby, its true and I am so sorry I acted in accordance with her plan". So there I stood, wondering how I could have been so blind and reminiscing about how we got to this point.

Barely even three years ago, I met Jesse at Evelyn's birthday party. We bumped into each other as I was making my way to the celebrant. We became engrossed in a conversation and quickly found out that we were mutual friends of Eve. We were still getting to know each other when Eve made her way to us. "Oh, I see you guys have already met each other.You know, Jesse was always a sucker for pretty ladies", she whispered mockingly. "Okay...okay. I totally accept." Jesse replied and we all laughed. Eve formally introduced us and I found out that they were course mates in the university. She had a lot of friends who had come to celebrate with her thus, she had a lot of people to meet and greet and so, she went on her way.

Jesse and I were together for most of the party. We found out that we both liked to read, loved the same songs and even had the same favourite shows. Sometime later, I had to leave him to go check up on Eve but promised him I would return soon. Maybe I was away too long or maybe he got impatient but when I returned, he was gone. I immediately felt this wave of disappointment and though I tried to tell myself it meant nothing, I still couldn't get him out of my mind.

The next day, while Eve and I were together, Eve brought up the issue of Jesse. "So, I saw you and Jesse hanging out all through the party...and the sparks you guys were throwing out was off the charts". I laughed and replied, "It wasn't even like that...ok,maybe it was but He was just fun to talk with. it's just a shame he left before we could exchange contacts". Eve scoffed, "Oh please,it was definitely more than you are trying to play it,but,whatever you say,just you know,be careful". I was a little puzzled,so I asked, " Why would you say that?" Eve just said he wasn't really the kinda guy to stick around. Just as I was thinking about that, I heard a chime on my phone.I had just gotten a message from facebook. "Oh my God! I think I just got a message from Jesse". Apparently, he left early because he had to go rescue his brother who locked himself out of the house and He had to go through Eve's friend list before finding me. We finally exchanged numbers and then he called to ask me out on a date. Now through out the conversation,I noticed Eve was unusually quiet so after the conversation, I tried to find out what was wrong and if she was in support of us seeing each other. She said she was fine and that I could go out with Jesse. Though,I still felt something was off, I chalked it up to the fact that she was exhausted from last night's party.

My date with Jesse was so much more than I imagined. He knew how to never let the conversation go flat, like, before I run out of things to say, he was right there chiping in his quota. He also had this really cute smile and a great sense of humour thus, he could make me really laugh hard. Our friendship progressed and blossomed into something so beautiful. Eve was an essential part of my life so she was always aware of every little development up on till when I and Jesse started dating. Eve still didn't seem like she was happy about us so at some point, I had to ask her if she ever had dibs on Jesse. "That's preposterous.I mean, He asked me out while we were in school but He wasn't my type. Anyway, If I did, you would have known sooner" was her reply. This put my mind at rest because I was not sure of my next move if she had said she loved Jesse or fancied him in some way.

From there on, the love between Jesse and I grew stronger every single day. I practically found more reasons to love him more on a daily basis.We started and ended each day together. He became my love, my life and the very essence to my existence. Eve on the other hand, grew more distant with time. As a matter of fact, the only time she was friendly was when she was trying to talk me into going on dates with I and Jesse on the pretext of keeping an eye on me. She always found a way to wedge herself in conversations that I and Jesse were having. On several occasions, Jesse had complained that she kept giving him impressions that I was cheating on him with my Boss. On one occasion, Jesse came to the our workplace to take me to lunch surprisingly and Eve told him I had gone out to lunch at a hotel with my boss, but the truth was I was just in the rest room. I came out just as Jesse was about leaving and Eve covered it up by saying it was a joke. Many other times she did it but somehow, I always defended her when Jesse complained. "Oh, u know Eve,she takes nothing seriously!" was always my response every single time.

On the 25th of November, nearly 2years after we started dating, Jesse proposed at our favourite spot. It was our very own secluded hideout; The hollow waterfalls. As soon as I agreed to marry Him, the first person I called was Eve. I was overjoyed and wanted her to share in my joy and to remind her that we were to be each other's maids of honour. We fixed a date in January and were making necessary arrangements when one morning, I walked in on Jesse with a half naked bimbo. At that particular sight,My whole world crumbled.I thought I was going to have a heart attack.I could already feel pains in places I never even thought I could.I stalked out and ran straight to Eve, the only person I could confide in at that moment. She comforted me just like a sister would and told me that she knew Jesse would act like this and that was the reason she tried to warn me. I became Irrational and called off the wedding. I could not even bring myself to listen to pleas and explanations from Jesse. I was done.

Right now, I looked back at Eve, "You mean you sent that lady to seduce Him and you own up to it?How could you do this? I can't believe you....."

"Oh please,spare me all that load of crap." She retorted. "You have always had a way of taking every single thing I wanted. The Boys, The promotion....even my mother's love! She always compared me with you...she saw you as the golden child,something I could never be. And now,Jesse....Jesse was supposed to be special.He was supposed to be mine!

"What! But I asked you...Eve, I asked you if you were cool with it and you said...."

"I said nothing!" Eve cried out. "I obviously told you what you wanted to hear.would you really have let him go? If I has asked you to, Would you??

Tears gushed down my cheeks. "Please don't cry.You were my friend, my sister.If it had meant that much to you,I would have let him go. I would have done anything, just about anything for you."

"Hah". She sneered at me." Its so easy for you to say that now but I don't care! I am done pretending I am happy being your friend". She turned to Jesse," You are lucky that whore didn't do the job she was asked to do correctly,It could have saved me all of this...and frankly, You would have been so much happier with me".

"Goodbye Satty...perhaps we will meet again someday soon"

"What do...." I started, but she had already walked away

At this point I felt like a deflated balloon, didn't even know how to pull myself from the revelations of today. "I am so sorry you had to hear all of this, I should have protected your feelings and not said anything. She's relocating to Chicago to stay with her Dad,She can't hurt you anymore". Jesse said as he held me and tried comforting me.

" This is not your fault....I am so sorry I didn't see all of these things.I am sorry I let her get between us.I am sorry I didn't listen when you wanted to explain to...."

"Shhhhh,it's fine.We know better, We will do better" He responded.

"God! I am so gullible. I mean, Eve meant everything to me.She was the sibling I never had". I told him.

Jesse sighed," Yes,I got pretty comfortable with her too.But you know what?? We have each other, I gat you,Okay?? I nodded and smiled

"Good girl". He said as he wiped my tears."What you told Eve,would you really have left me,would you really have broken my heart?? He asked smiling.

I chuckled," Just know this,I would never ever willingly hurt you"I answered.

Jesse laughed, "Technical answer.Now, how about that wedding......"

 We both smiled.

                                The End.


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