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Pursuing Your Dreams - Things You Need To Do

I was discussing a topic with a friend earlier today and we spoke on most reasons many talented people give up on their dreams and things one needs to do while pursuing dreams. 

Dreams can come through ambition, career or any  form of motives that can keep you going in life. The purpose of having a dream is to live a life you desire when your dream is achieved. 

There are two categories of dreams which are; achievable dreams and unachievable dreams.

Achievable dream is a kind of dream that it is 99% possible to achieve. For example, if someone dream about becoming top fashion analyst in the country and he/she started with going to a fashion school, follow normal procedures, go for lectures and seminars on fashion. His or her dream is achievable.

Unachievable dream is the one most young guys always have. People that falls under this category are those that does not have up to 10k in their bank account but the want to buy private jet in 4 months time. Or when you are not good in a field and you dream of becoming a veteran in that field. This is unachievable; which means miracle / magic is the only way to achieve this and it is 0.01% possible. 

Now.. What do you do while pursuing your dreams? 

1) let your dreams be achievable. 

2) Work towards your dreams, don't just dream and be expecting miracle. 

3) Be more passionate about your dream before being passionate about money. If you have a dream and doing a job/profession because of money, you will quit immediately you are not getting the money again. 

Don't confused yourself, if it is money that you want, just work and get it but if you are building a career or pursuing a dream, you will have to make more sacrifices. 



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