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How To Participate Safely On Writerspay

Hello everyone, I will be explaining how you can have a safe participation on writerspay. The management of this platform are working tirelessly to ensure the sustenance and growth of the platform which is important to you and me as a member.

I will share some tips that will help us all have a safe participation and they are>

1) Post a good, rich and meaty content: While posting a content, be it article, story, poetry or any topic, make sure you are mindful of what you will be posting on the platform. I understand the fact that we all want to earn more points, but don’t limit your ability based on the point you're earning.

Most people outside the platform should also have interest in your write-ups; conduct a research on your area of interest to know more and give us a rich content. Let it be a bit lengthy, although amount of words is not important but a two-line post is not advisable. It might even be removed.

2) Understand The difference between Story and Forum: This is another tip to have a safe participation on writerspay, the platform doesn’t have the forum session at first but when they realised members might have a particular topic to discussed or bring some controversial issues to the platform, they decided to include forum session.

The forum session is for discussions, debates, deliberations, tutorials and so on while the story session is for articles, stories, poetry e.t.c. So we should be mindful of the kind of post we put on these two sessions as some contents might be removed if found in a wrong session and thank God points are awarded equally for the two.

3) Avoid Spam: - Spam occurs mostly in the comment session, maybe it is to get more points but now that we have certain amount of points to earn within 24 hours, I think this should stop. 

When your comment is not related to the post “It is a spam”. For example, some people will comment “Nice” “Cool” like five times on a post. In fact some members do not read before making comments, these are the reasons why writerspay introduced moderators.

Also, the common “I am reading this again” why tell us you are reading again? I think that is what the “favourite” button is used for. 

If you will like to read a post again, you can just put it on your favourite list so as to see it whenever you want to read again. We should try and avoid spam; we should try to make contributing comments especially to encourage the authors and to make other members have interest in the story/post.

Any repeated comments, doubled comments, unrelated comments might also be removed. 

4) Avoid Plagiarism :- Let your post be original. We have already talked about it here times without numbers. So be mindful.

Ps: if you have questions, additions, opinions or anything, please don't hesitate. 


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