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Things You Should Reduce/Stop If You Really Want To Be Successful

Guys, this is July and it's less than 6 months to finish this year. I will share with you the things you should reduce or stop doing if you really want to make it on time. 

See below 

1) Reduce the rate you watch TV or movies :- watching TV or movies is a waste of time. All of these actors and actresses are working and making money with it and you sit the whole day watching. 

News programmes and some educative ones are good but don't let it turn you to a lazy Nigerian youth. 

2) Reduce the rate you use social media :- hmm Social Media is one of them, it's good to be social o, be online and see trending stories. But instead of that use your data to search something profitable and how to make money on the internet. 

3) Reduce the rate you follow girls or friends around :- Slay Queens and big boys, better face your hustle squarely, when you make enough money, all these girls and guys will be running after you instead. 

4) Reduce the rate you eat :- Lol  it's funny abi? I know some people will ask "we should not eat again?"  well I didn't say so, anything apart from breakfast, lunch and dinner is an excess. Don't use all fingers to eat. Invest, save for your own good. 

5) Reduce the rate you sleep :- Stay awake! That's is new common slang this days. Don't sleep too much, look for opportunities. 

6) Stop Complaining :- Let me pause here. You know what I mean by that. Get it done and stop complaining. 


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