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Announcement: Latest on Writerspay and Zealnut

We are making changes to the platform. Changes that will affect you but this is in other to help further protect the interest of the genuine authors.

Personally I know a few people that use this platform just for the passion they have for writing and reading and we want to help this kind of people earn more on the platform.

We will soon launch our android app and this will come with a few changes.

We are moving to stop paying some standard members which will be based on two factors, contribution to the platform in terms of content and number of payout you've gotten.

Standard members who have been paid at least 2 times will not be paid anymore unless they upgrade to premium membership.

And standard members must have at least 1 story or forum post to qualify for payment.

We have also decided to employ the help of some members as Moderators, we will announce them in coming days and they will be duly briefed as to what their duties will be and the financial benefit they will get from working for us.

Finally, we have decided to increase our point system.

Writerspay and Zealnut Mobile apps will launch on Playstore on July 1, it has been created to make reading, writing and posting easier for users.

All the above mentioned changes will take effect on that same day. (July1) 

Thank you.

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