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How To Get Into Writing for Companies


We toss around words like 'content creator' 'blogger' and 'copywriter', and we put that in our CVs and apply for writing positions, and sometimes we get the jobs, sometimes we do not. Then there are those of us who really want to get jobs as professional freelance writers (is that a thing?), but we don't know how to go about it. It is pretty simple, people.

  • Write: You need people to see that you know how to write. Do you have a blog? Do you write lengthy Facebook posts? What do you write? And how often? And who sees it?
  • Learn: There are sites like Quota and Reddit where you can write your opinions as answers to questions. Big companies like Huffpost and Inc. actually go to these sites to curate content for their websites. Now that you know this, what do you do? Learn how to write what they like. Read their articles, and then read the articles they like to post, then learn to write like that.
  • Practice: Practice what you learn. Write on Quota and Reddit (and WritersPay: we hope those people are seeing us here!). Since you are trying to land a job with these companies, practice writing what they want to pay for.
  • Write More Than You Read: Your goal is to be an established writer. Reading is part of the learning process, but practicing what you read is what gets you to where you want to be.
  • Engage: You are on WritersPay: that's great! How is your social media presence? What other writing websites are you an active member of? Wattpad? Writers of Instagram? Tumblr? How many people in your circle are writers? How many people in your circle even know that you write?
  • Have Faith: Your faith makes way for you! Regardless of who and what you believe in, having faith makes a great many things possible for you. Don't downplay your faith: engage it!


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